Temprecord Real time temperature and humidity monitoring

Temprecord Active Display (TAD) Real-Time Monitoring System:

  • Temprecord Active Display (TAD) monitors:
    • Temperature,
    • Relative humidity,
    • Differential room pressure
    • Other alerts such as door left open, power fail, compressor on/off, etc.
  • Alerts can be sent automatically to:
    • Email
    • Text to cell-phones (Text alerts or E-Texting are facilitated by your cell-phone plan provider and they will charge a small monthly fee.)
    • Building alarm
    • External monitoring company


  • TAD Cloud utilises a LoRa (radio wireless) gateway to access the TAD Cloud based software.  The gateway can operate either or both:
    • Connected directly to your network
    • Independently using 4G.  Note that having the 4G facility can act as a backup should your network fail for any reason


  • The Cloud host charge a monthly fee depending on the number of units used and the activity.

For more information please contact the office directly, as each system is customised to the client's requirements.

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