Accuracy validation at your fingertips. With more features and better value for money, these data loggers are not only great to look at but easy to use as well. You will be so happy with these data loggers that they won't want anything else.

User-friendly Information screens:

  • Current Temperature (last sample recorded)
  • Time below lower limit programmed.
  • Time above upper limit programmed.
  • Minimum temperature recorded.
  • Maximum temperature recorded.
  • Mean temperature recorded.
  • Time monitoring
  • Number of Tags placed.

If you need to monitor temperature-sensitive products, in storage, transit or during production, then our G4 display calibrated data loggers are what you are looking for.

Attach a logger holder to the outside of a fridge/ freezer/ container, slot the logger into the holder and insert the temperature probe into the environment (probes available on certain variants). Monitoring made easy.

G4 calibrated data loggersTemprecord