G4 logger user guide

I just received my New Calibrated data logger - how do I use it for the first time?

First, you will require your Temprecord Data Logger, a Temprecord Reader Interface and TRW software. Software can be downloaded from http://temprecord.com/our-software

Here are a few things to note when installing the Temprecord software and USB Reader Interface on a computer for the first time:

  • You must install the software first then once that is complete you can plug the USB reader into your computer. Do not plug the reader in until the software has been installed.

    G4 logger installation guide
    Software Installation
  • TRW software can be downloaded from http://temprecord.com/our-software
    Log on as Administrator to install software. Do not plug in reader until after software is installed. Compatible with Windows 10.
  • When installing the software on the computer you must be running the computer as administrator. (to check this, once your software is downloaded, right click the new desktop Temprecord icon you’ve created and select “Run As Administrator”. If that option asks you for a password you will have to get your IT department to help you)
  1. Install software by downloading it from here
  2. Save the software to your hard drive then extract all files and click on the TRW set up file.
  3. Once your software is installed then plug in your USB reader and this will automatically install the drivers for the USB reader. (Your computer may not respond instantly to the reader being plugged in, just wait a few minutes and it will pick it up)
  4. Now that your software and reader are installed insert the data logger (head first with LED lights facing upwards) into the reader so that the hole in the logger case is visible outside the reader.
  5. Your software and reader will now be able to read any data loggers you plug into the reader.
  • Plug your USB Reader back in and it should find it now.
  • You must be logged on as Administrator to install TRW software. Do not plug in reader until after software is installed.
  • To access logger: Insert logger in Reader Interface ensuring logger is placed in reader as far as it can go, and the hole is visible outside the reader. Access logger by tapping the Space Bar on the keyboard.
    Temprecord TRW 6.3 software user guide

Access the logger with Temprecord TRW Software

If you are new to Temprecord, this topic provides a step by step tutorial on how to use a logger to record temperature and then reading and displaying the recorded temperature data.

  1. Connect the Temprecord Reader Interface to your computer’s serial port or USB port.
  2. Insert the Temprecord logger into the Reader, making sure it is pushed all the way in.
  3. Select File/Query Logger by opening the File Menu and clicking on Query Logger. After a few seconds, a window should display showing a summary of the logger. Otherwise, see the topics Unable to Access Temprecord Logger or Unable to open COMx.
  4. Select Program/Parameters. After a few seconds you will see the Logger Parameters screen, which allows you to set the logger up. For example change the sample period to 00:00:10 (one sample every 10 seconds). Set the start delay to 00:00:20 (20 seconds).
  5. Click on ‘OK’. After a few seconds the logger parameters screen will close.
  6. When the logger parameters screen has closed, remove the logger from the reader interface. The logger will flash the green LED every ten seconds to indicate the start delay is counting down. When the start delay has counted down to zero, the logger will flash the red LED four times in quick succession and take the first sample, and the LED’s from that point will then flash every ten seconds to indicate the state of the limits (a brief green flash for inside the upper and lower limits, a red flash for outside the limits).
  7. Place the logger in an environment you wish to measure the temperature of (e.g. a refrigerator) and leave it for a few minutes.
  8. Retrieve the logger, and insert it into the Reader Interface.
  9. Press the space bar on your keyboard or select the File/Read Logger function. A window will open indicating the data is being read from the logger. When this step is complete a graph of the recorded samples will display.
  10. Select the View/Values function. The Window will change to display the logged temperatures as a series of temperature values.
  11. Select the File/Save function. This allows you to save the logged temperatures to a file so that they can be read from disk later. Temprecord initially chooses a filename based on the serial number of the logger, but you are free to change this if you wish.
  12. Click on OK to save the data to disk.

Your Temprecord logger continues to record samples until it is stopped or the maximum number of samples is taken (unless the Loop Overwrite Option is turned on). You do not need to stop the logger in order to read and display the logged temperature.

Congratulations! You have just used your Temprecord logger to record and display temperature samples.