How do Temperature data loggers work? Temprecord

If you have come into contact with a data logger and thought... how is it possible that this device can read temperature? Well, I had the same thought when I started working at Temprecord almost two years ago but soon learnt how incredible it was.

Temperature measurement
Temperature loggers which are manufactured by Temprecord use a passive component called a thermistor which is a very sensitive sensor and is extremely accurate in measuring temperature. This however, is only one component in the many which make up these products, and unfortunately, I can't go into detail about this. What I can say is that with 28 years of experience in temperature and humidity monitoring, the team at Temprecord definitely know exactly what works and what is best for the client, with ISO 17025 accreditation and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.

How do you use a data logger 
This is something that should be explained to everyone who purchases our loggers, although it is extremely easy to use, for someone new to this, it may be a bit daunting.

Temprecord G4 Multitrip data logger

1. Our loggers are shipped with the button (on the front) disabled so that it is not accidentally started on delivery.

2. Download the Software from our website

3. Plug in the Reader Interface

4. Insert your data logger (the right way up)

5. Enable the button and set your parameters

6. You are now Ready to start. 


Something that you should always check for, is the temperature range indicated on the label of the logger. This range shows you what temperature the case can with stand. If you are requiring the logger to monitor temperatures outside of this range, then you would need a probe version. The case can be fitted to the outside of the fridge/ freezer/ incubator and so on, with our logger holders and the probe will be positioned inside.

Once positioned the logger generally takes about 30 minutes to get to the temperature inside the chamber/ bin etc. Happy Logging!

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